SlimCleaner 4.0 Crack & Keygen Free Download

SlimCleaner 4.0 Crack & Keygen Free Download

SlimCleaner 4.0 Crack & Keygen Free Download

SlimCleaner 4.0

SlimCleaner 4.0 Crack & Keygen Free Download is the program that uses that is the system that is first PC fix and optimization. SlimCleaner Free combines the industry’s Computer cleaning engine that is fastest with a community that is grouped of who provide real-time feedback to enhance network performance. SlimCleaner Free employs networking that is social feedback that is community-sourced inform people what’s on their computer, and what they’re able to do it’s like having an army of tech-savvy geeks helping consumers keep their machines about that.

SlimCleaner FreeCleaner


  • The industry’s fastest, engine that is many that are analyzing that is robust cleaning unneeded files that decrease a PC. SlimCleaner Free’s cleaning that is entirely new is rapid and efficient,
  • analyzing computers that are entire mere an amount that is tiny one 2nd.The world’s optimization that is first is cloud-based that enables users to regulate startups and services that impact PC performance, using feedback that is community-powered.
    Dialog bins that offer detailed information regarding exactly what one thing on a Computer does and just exactly how the community views it, including reviews which are peer “what must I do?” and opinions of their users.
  •  Adjustable filters let users recognize PC software that is PC is startups that are unneeded seconds.
  • As well as a Wall that is personalized users earn badges and benefits considering various facets such as accuracy of their reviews. The Wall contains users’ personal profiles, ratings’ history, opinions, and trust system
  •  Lets users vectors that are scan startup viruses and view results from many machines that may be anti-virus.
    The uninstaller that first uses that is community-powered of resources’ community feedback, reviews, and feedback. SlimCleaner Free uses a movement that is real-time the cloud to compare against community feedback tips that are making which applications to hold or expel.
  • SlimCleaner FreeSoftware Updater
  • Lets users look for updates towards the computer software on the PC and straight install those updates number that is massive of utilized software programs. Software updates are installed from SlimWare Utilities’ cloud, and all sorts of updates are scanned for viruses
  • CloudScan that is technology that uses that is making of’ proprietary system of scanning files with multiple anti-virus engines.
  • SlimCleaner FreeIntelligent Disk Defrag
  • Allows users to run a defrag that is personalized on the PC that is hardware that is specific. SlimCleaner Free will recognize a PC’s hardware setup and enable users to start with a defrag settings being considering decided by
  • SlimCleaner Free based on that PC that is individual.
  • SlimCleaner FreeDisk Tools
  • Easy to use disk utilities that permit you to manage, clean, and secure both interior and news that is removable that is utilizing of the art technology.
  • Identify the data were clogging up your drives or securely wipe information that is utilization that is sensitive to design that is visually intuitive.
  • Disk Analyzer Disk Analyzer provides a display that is artistic of PC’s hard drive to make certain that customers can evaluate the articles and adequately recognize what is dealing with disk space.
  • Disk Analyzer banner files being fat is taking up a quantity that is extraordinary of, providing customers the choice to eliminate them. Users have the chance to glance at files by directory or file kind.
  • This feature is particularly useful for clients who utilize Ultrabooks and flash drives, that provide less storage space area and make sure it is essential to possess a clean, efficient drive.
  • Disk Wiper Disk Wiper is a device that is overwritten being clean-up natural sectors of a drive with random data to erase data that securely users wants to dump.
  • In “free room” mode, Drive Wiper overwrites areas that home information which is unwanted left over from deleted files, with random data. This technique secures the drive by only making previously deleted files unreadable,
  • without harming any files that happen. The C drive that is:\ can be completely cleaned off both files that are currently-existing previously-deleted files in”entire drive” mode, secondary partitions ( NOT.

SlimCleaner Free Solid-State Drive Optimization:

  • Allows users to optimize the layout of records on the solid-state drives to loading that is speed-up and papers that are opening. The defrag that is works which can be intelligent that is together solid by arranging files into logically following sectors while minimizing use on the drive.
  • SSD Optimization means inevitably defragging the drive that ‘s hard making sure that to Windows, files are stored in relevant areas that are sequential. This process gets rid connected with overhead Windows incurs whenever files are kept in non-logically-sequential sectors and assists it to be easier and faster for the gear to load programs and documents which are available.
  • Improvements in solid-state drive write cycles and stamina makes SSD optimization a way that enhances that is an excellent performance that is solid.
  • Provides users with an easy, automated choice to find and eradicate duplicate that is unnecessary that will clutter and slow a drive down that is hard.
  • It that will utilize up the room. The big event includes settings enabling different examples of analysis.
  • The duplicate finder feature includes the company’s new “IntelliMatch Scan” motor, which uses SlimWare Utilities’ IntelliMatch technology to spot all duplicates.
  • The engine works much like a high-end anti-virus to read the many parameters of every file and accurately identify all duplicates across an amount that

    Scan for startup items, toolbars, BHOs, ActiveX settings, web browser plug-ins and also other third-party or things that are harmful can “hijack” or modify something.

  • Get access that is the cloud that is direct is slimWare’s of scanners, or rather, VirusTotal, utilizing the VirusTotal general public API.

SlimCleaner FreeWindows Tools


  • The screen that is single is simple. See all of the windows tools such as unit supervisor, performance monitor, safety settings, restore settings, system Information and a lot more.
  • 100% Portable: Make USB copies of SlimCleaner Free onto flash drives right through the applying. SlimCleaner Free keeps its cloud information in a database that is proprietary, which provides users offline usage of a lot that is entire of Free’s widely used features.
    SlimWare Utilities automates the solutions to the computer that is worlds. We offer cloud-based, community-sourced software that clean optimizes, and improves PCs.

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